The Data Center


Situated in a premium datacentre located in Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

The Datacentre provide us with:


Our connectivity is undoubtedly unparalleled as we host a regional fibre hub for a Tier 1 provider; this hub connects hundreds of local business's and neighbouring data centres to the Internet.


Our power is also exceptional; normally sub-stations are fed by rings which are in turn connected to larger sub-stations (every sub-station will be on a ring of some kind so 11kV ring is the norm).

In our case we're on a regional distribution boundary so we have sub-stations on two totally independent rings on the national grid.

This means when there is a local or regional fault one side remains live. For us to suffer a complete power cut on both sides at the same time would either require two separate faults or a national outage.

We also of course still have UPS's and backup generators with 10 days fuel.