About The Company

Who we are. What we do.

Box Colo

BoxColo was set-up in 2013 to provide low cost, high quality shared or 'community' rack space with a simple product set and attractive pricing. We buy our data centre space wholesale and through automation (and no sales staff )we keep our overheads down.

We Host servers

We host servers from 1U to 4U and 'break rack' midi tower / desktop / shuttle cases all in quality Data centres. Our emphasis isn't just on being low cost, but on providing quality and value.

Best Support

We support our customers by e-mail, livechat and the phone 24x7, we firmly believe you should be able to talk to us whenever you need us and our staff are passionate about helping our customers.

Why Choose Us

We are new in town and you want to choose someone you can trust, be assured that BoxColo was set-up by an experienced group of people who want to provide excellent, reliable service at industry beating prices.

Our ethos

Power, Space, Bandwidth & Bread Rack colocation


Many colocation offerings today provide as little as 0.2amps of power (just 40w) which can be enough for a new server with a single drive and low loads, but often customers are interested in using their existing server and left with the choice between a big bill for power or a new server. We have tried to be more generous with our power allocations.


Rack space is another preimum, often forcing customers to buy smaller and smaller servers, which in turn cause data centres problems with cooling very dense loads, Box Colo has been very generous with our space allocations to ensure its still viable to use a 2 or 3U server.
This gives our customers more flexability and above all, more space.


We've tried to provide a realistic amount of bandwidth for two reasons. By not providing 'unlimited' bandwidth we can ensure you're not on a contended network will never suffer at the hands of small print or a 'Fair usage policy'. Secondly because we believe that you should pay for what you use, it is not fair to have all the users paying the same when a few use 100x more bandwidth.
If you are in the 99% who don't need lots of bandwidth you will find our bandwidth allowances are plentiful, If you have a large requiremens you will be charged accordingly. Whatever your needs we will advise you as soon as any pre-paid amount has been exceeded.

Bread rack Colocation

If you are not familiar with 'bread rack colocation' this is where you take midi tower or desktop cases and put them on shelves in racks. Some providers charge by the U regardless of the hardware, some will not even accept non-rack mountable hardware. If they do it is typically 6U for a single or 12U for a pair of servers. This makes it very expensive.
We have created a designated space for these devices which means the space is optimised keeping our costs low.