Colocation Extras

Item Cost Electricity meter
Extra 1 IP £2 per month
Extra 0.25amp £15 per month
Extra 0.5amp £30 per month
Extra 0.75amp £45 per month
Extra 1amp £60 per month
Extra 1TB - Pre-Purchased £10 per month
Extra 1TB - (Overage) £15 per month
Extra Power Drop £5 per month
Extra Network Drop £5 per month
Remote Hands (After Free Period) £10 per 15 mins
KVMoIP (After Free Period) £10 per 30 mins
Shelf £6 per month
200GB Office NFS Backup £25 per month
Basic firewall £ 10 per month
Complete management £ 75 per month
Server monitoring £ 2 per month
Reliable Power

Power is fully redundant with N+N UPS and Backup generators.

Comprehensive security

Security concious throughout, CCTV, Electronic Access control, Man trap doors.

Superior Network

High capacity redundant network offering IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity with low latency peering worldwide.